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Cooling in West Salem, ORHere at Loren’s Heating and Air, we understand just how much goes into the creation of a comfortable living environment and that’s why we’re dedicated to unmatched air conditioning service in West Salem Oregon. Not only do you need to have cooling and heating equipment installed, but you also need:

  • A properly sized unit
  • A well-maintained unit
  • A well-designed unit
  • An energy-efficient unit

Once you combine all of that together, you can enjoy your indoor environment each and every day of the year. As an authorized Carrier dealer, Loren’s installs a number of highly rated air conditioners, heat pumps, and HVACs from the company’s highly rated solutions, including products from the following series:

  • Infinity Series – products perform quietly and with high efficiency
  • Comfort Series – products have versatility and are economical to operate
  • Performance Series – products offer energy-efficient performance

AC Installation in West Salem, OR

A gorgeous neighborhood tucked in between the Cascade Mountains and the sandy shores of the Pacific Coast, only about an hour or so away, West Salem has everything a family or business could need, including access to a professional cooling and heating company. Loren’s is proud to be a part of this community and provides quality heating and cooling services for its residents and business owners. These services include replacements, maintenance, repairs, and air conditioner installation in West Salem OR.

The Advantages of a Properly Sized Unit

If you install an air conditioner that is too small for your home or business, it is going to run constantly, creating a risk for overheating and excessive wear on your unit. On the other hand, if you purchase a unit that is too large, it can lead to uneven cooling, while failing to keep your interior environment comfortable enough to enjoy. When you install a properly sized unit, your unit will:

  • Run more quietly
  • Operate more cost effectively
  • Provide even cooling

If you need assistance choosing a unit that is properly sized, our technicians can help you with that task.

Air Conditioning System Refrigerant Types

Eventually most air conditioning systems require maintenance or repairs. Typically, arranging for annual maintenance on your AC system leads to repairs that are less frequent as well as less expensive. One of the issues that cooling specialists need to address for homeowners is the need to recharge the unit’s refrigerant.

Older AC units, typically manufactured before 2010, use R-22, a refrigerant that is being completely phased out. While it is as energy-efficient as the newer refrigerant R410-A, R-22 is not environmentally friendly. It contains chlorine, which is harmful to the ozone layer. Our cooling specialists can modify your existing air conditioning system so that it can operate on R410-A or they can replace it with a new heat pump or air conditioner, depending on what you currently have installed.

The Benefits of a Well-Designed AC Unit

Many of today’s AC units feature 2-stage compressors that deliver quality performance as they cool your home. A 2-stage compressor makes it possible for your AC system to cool your home as comfortable during mild temperatures as it does during the hotter days of the year. Through this type of dual capacity, your home or commercial business receives a comfortable living/working environment without feeling overly cold or warm no matter what the outside temperature is.

Energy Efficiency Ratings and Why They Are Important for You

energy-efficiencyEver since the Federal Government made it mandatory for manufacturers of air conditioning systems to include the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) on the labels of their units, this number has been readily available to consumers as well as to cooling specialists. Why is this number important?

The SEER tells you how well your cooling unit is going to operate. SEERs between 20 and 23 indicate exceptional energy efficiency and operational integrity, while SEERs ranging between 15 and 18 are used to identify units providing good performance and energy efficiency. Since 13 is the lowest acceptable SEER (per the government’s mandate), units with a SEER or 13 or 14 provide the minimal allowable performance and energy efficiency.

The EER or Energy Efficiency Rating provides an indication of how well the unit is going to cool your indoor environment. The higher the number for the EER is, the better its cooling capacity is.

AC Repair West Salem

carrier-repair-dealerEven if you arrange to have your cooling system properly serviced through a regular maintenance schedule each season, you might find yourself needing repairs. For AC repair, West Salem locals trust the team at Loren’s Heating and Air! Our technicians are highly experienced, industry trained, and knowledgeable in cooling repairs. Their troubleshooting skills are exceptional, and they are dedicated to getting each customer’s cooling unit running efficiently as quickly as possible. In fact, since our fleet is radio-dispatched, our techs arrive promptly with a fully loaded vehicle containing most commonly needed components for AC repairs.

We provide:

  • Puron refrigerant specialists
  • Certified servicemen
  • Repairs for all makes and models
  • Planned service agreements
  • Flat-rate billing
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Free in-home estimates
  • Cooling system installations, upgrades, and replacements

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for air conditioning service or repairs.

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