Heat Pump Services in SalemDuring the wet, cloudy winter in Salem, OR, several reasons might prompt you to schedule heat pump repair. If the system is not producing sufficiently warm air, first check your thermostat. It should be set to “Heat.” If you change the settings and your system does not work, it could be an incompatible thermostat or faulty connections. Such problems can occur during heat pump installation in Salem. Our team is always ready to troubleshoot your system, whether you’re near Lansing, Oak Park, or Brush College.

Heat Pump Repair Services

If your heat pump is not producing heat, ensure that the heating registers are open. Airflow problems can prevent your equipment from generating sufficiently warm air.

If there is no warm air at all, it could have an issue with the outdoor unit. The coils may have layers of grime. A professional can troubleshoot such issues and fix them to restore your home’s comfort faster.

A heat pump can be a valuable addition to your home with the many benefits it offers.

  • Up to 400% increase in efficiency
  • Reduced indoor humidity
  • Safer than conventional heating
  • Fewer repair needs

Heat Pump Repair ServicesAnother sign of a faulty system is loud noises. Generally speaking, heat pumps produce sounds that are comparable in decibels to rustling leaves or whispering in a conversation. So, if you hear noises louder than a hum, you may want to schedule repairs.

For example, a bubbling sound could point to an issue with the coolant system. Rattling is often an indication of loose parts. A high-pitched noise is usually from a worn-out fan belt.

You must not ignore unusual odors either. If you detect a musty smell, it is usually a sign of microbial growth, mold, and mildew. A technical problem could be preventing your unit from removing excess moisture. The best way to find out what the issue is with your equipment is to consult a certified technician in Salem.

Salem’s Top-Notch Heat Pump Installation

For dependable heat pump installations and repairs, you can rely on [company_name]’s service in Salem. Our NATE-certified technicians specialize in Carrier systems but have the knowledge and skills to work on all makes and models. You can trust our BBB-accredited, A+ rated team for outstanding results for all projects we undertake.

We offer a 24/7 emergency repair service you can depend on in Salem. Call our staff to take advantage of our 100% guarantee on our services.

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