Air Conditioning Replacement in West Salem, OR

Family in West Salem ORThe last thing anyone wants is to have problems with is their air conditioner during a heat wave in West Salem, OR. However, that always seems to be when the issues appear. That’s why Loren’s keeps a dedicated staff of AC technicians that are ready to handle your call. Whether you’re looking for a scheduled AC installation or need a spur of the moment repair, we have experienced staff in the West Salem area, ready to help.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Some of the qualities Loren’s customers have come to expect:
  • Dependability
  • Efficient & Certified AC technicians
  • Affordability
  • Quality Work

Loren’s Provides AC Replacement and Repair

At Loren’s, we pride ourselves on coming prepared. All of our AC technicians are highly skilled and have experience in a wide variety of heating and air systems. They keep a well stocked inventory in their work vehicles during service hours. No matter what type of repair, they aim to have the tools on hand to complete the call without having to order parts or make you wait. If you’re considering a new air conditioning installation, we can assess your current system and make recommendations at no extra charge for the consultation.

HVAC Technician with tools

Some of the services we offer include:
  • Residential and commercial AC installation
  • New AC replacement
  • Complimentary consultation for system replacement
  • Yearly AC Maintenance
  • Emergency AC Repairs

If you’re looking for an expert you can depend on for all your air conditioning needs in the West Salem area, contact Loren’s today. Our experienced staff can answer any questions to find the solutions you need.