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Carrier-Equipment-PictureHere at Loren’s Heating and Air, we believe that everyone should be able to appreciate a comfortable living environment. We do everything possible to make that happen for local residents and businesses with our AC service in Silverton OR. We know that your family deserves the best, which is why we offer a comprehensive selection of Carrier products. Willis Carrier is the inventor of the air conditioner, and his company has been making them since 1902. Today, we offer an assortment of Carrier air conditioning systems, including:

  • Infinity Series Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
  • Performance Series Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
  • Comfort Series Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

AC Service in Silverton, OR

A proud member of the Silverton community, Loren’s provides quality air conditioning installations, maintenance, upgrades, and repairs. Our technicians are fully trained, experienced, and licensed, enabling them to perform prompt, efficient work that keeps your home cool and comfortable no matter what the outside temperature is. If you’re interested in Silverton Oregon air conditioner replacement, consider:

Understanding the Difference between R410-A and R-22

carrier-repair-dealerR410-A is the new refrigerant of choice due to its eco-friendly nature It doesn’t contain chlorine like earlier refrigerants, so it is ozone friendly and better for the environment. R410-A is currently being used in all AC units manufactured after 2010. Older air conditioners used R-22, a refrigerant that is being phased out because it isn’t good for the environment.

Silverton, Oregon Air Conditioner Replacement

You can still use your existing AC unit even if it has R-22 in it. However, only reclaimed or recycled R-22 can be used to service your air conditioner. Eventually, you’ll need to replace your unit or have it modified so that it can use R410-A. If your existing unit is outdated, now might be a good time to look into having it replaced. Not only can an upgrade make it easier to have your unit serviced, but it will probably be more energy efficient, offering you savings on your annual cooling costs. Here at Loren’s in Silverton, Oregon, we provide quality air conditioner replacement.

Reasons why you should consider buying a newer AC unit:

  • Ozone friendly and better for the environment
  • Less expensive
  • Should be available throughout your lifetime

A Look at Efficiency Ratings

The Federal Government has made it mandatory (since 2006) for all central air conditioning units to have a minimum SEER of 13. SEER refers to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, a measure of how well your AC unit will perform. Cooling units offering the highest level of energy efficiency will have SEER ratings as high as 23. However, these units are more expensive. For moderate to good efficiency, the model that you choose should have a SEER rating between 14 and 18. The EER rating refers to the Energy Efficiency Rating and provides an indication of the cooling capacity of the equipment that you have installed. The higher the EER is, the greater the cooling capacity of your unit is.

Benefits of Installing a Digital Thermostat

carrier-new-thermostat-smallChoosing an energy-efficient cooling unit is the most important strategy you can use to lower your utility bills. Installing a digital thermostat to control the temperature, even while you are asleep or at your place of employment, is the second best way to save on the cost to cool your home. A digital thermostat can do all of the following tasks:

  • Program interior temperature for multiple days and times
  • Allow you to lower or raise the temperature setting remotely
  • Control interior humidity levels

Quality Air Conditioning Repair, Silverton

Each year, you should arrange for maintenance for your AC unit prior to using it. It’s important to make sure that it is in proper working order so that it will run as safely and efficiently as possible. At that time, you can ask your cooling specialist to let you know if your system is properly sized for your home or commercial building. Our highly experienced technicians are radio-dispatched, so they arrive promptly in a vehicle containing tools and components that are commonly needed to service your equipment. If you find yourself in need of air conditioning repair, Silverton residents, we help with that too!

Our Cooling and Heating Services

Loren’s provides quality work for all types of cooling and heating services. Our company offers:

  • Certified, experienced technicians for heating and cooling services
  • Service for all makes and models of cooling and heating units
  • Puron refrigerant specialist
  • Planned service agreements, delivering convenience and affordability
  • Free in-home estimates for installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance
  • Installation of fireplaces
  • Indoor air quality specialists
  • Clear-cut billing
  • 24/7 emergency services

Loren’s has been delivering quality cooling and heating services for residential and commercial customers for many years. As an authorized Carrier dealer, we provide quality cooling and heating systems backed by the Carrier promise of quality and excellence. Please contact Loren’s at your earliest convenience if you have questions or would like to arrange for an appointment with one of our cooling and heating specialists.

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