Loren’s Heating and Air can assist property owners in Monmouth, OR, with indoor air quality services. Bad air can find its way inside your home in a number of ways. If you use a fireplace or fuel-burning stove in your home, it’s likely that your indoor air isn’t healthy. Homes with unhealthy air quality can cause a number of respiratory ailments. In turn, these ailments can become prolonged health problems.

Indoor Air Quality in Monmouth, OR

We assist homeowners throughout Monmouth. If you live on either side of Pacific Highway West or as far north as Hoffman Road, give us a call. Let us know you want to schedule our testing services. Chemicals from household products and pet dander and hair are also sources of bad air. We can help you put a stop to contaminated air and eliminate dangerous pollutants in the indoor air you breathe.

Monmouth’s Indoor Air Quality Team

Getting rid of polluted air takes thoughtful planning and the right knowledge. Our team is here to test your air so that you’ll know what’s contaminating your home’s interior. We’ll share testing data with you and use our expertise to outline where the contaminants are entering your home. Our next step will be recommending which product will work best for your circumstances. We have access to top-rated filtration and air cleaning devices that are easy to use.

Monmouth's Indoor Air Quality TeamDon’t get used to living with bad, smelly air. There are many benefits to installing air filtration and air scrubbing devices in your home.

  • Fewer allergy symptoms
  • Cleaner-smelling air
  • Improvement in respiratory comfort
  • Reduction of unhealthy airborne substances

Testing services are conducted by qualified comfort consultants who know how to get them clean, fresh indoor air you want. We look for optimal ways to keep your indoor air as clean and pollution-free as possible. Our consultant will provide you with a final quote for the installation of the products you select. In-home estimates are always free, and you could benefit from a manufacturer’s incentive or rebate. We pass those savings opportunities on to our customers.

Experienced Indoor Air Quality Team

For more than 45 years, Loren’s Heating and Air has been a reliable resource for indoor air quality services in Monmouth. Our customized services are available for all customers no matter how big or small their needs. We hire NATE-certified technicians to handle installations for you. We’re licensed by the Oregon Construction Contractor Board.

For complete inspection and installation services in Monmouth, choose Loren’s Heating and Air as your service team. Give our office a call today to schedule an in-home testing appointment at a time that is convenient for you.