Fireplace Insert Services in Monmouth, ORIf you need expert fireplace insert installation in Monmouth, OR, rely on the professionals from Loren’s Heating & Air. A fireplace is a lovely feature in a living room or elsewhere, but it usually requires a lot of care and maintenance. What’s more, its heat output is likely to be much less efficient than your furnace or heating system. Perhaps you have a fireplace that your household doesn’t use anymore. Rather than giving up on it, consider our fireplace insert services. We can provide you with an insert that will revitalize your fireplace, and there will be lasting benefits.

Advantages of Fireplace Insert Services

A fireplace insert installation is perfect for those who wish to change their fireplace. It’s essentially a wood or gas stove designed to be put into the space where a fireplace already exists. This approach allows you to retain the old masonry and decorative structure. When installed by professionals, inserts can prevent heat from being wasted. They’re made with thick, insulating glass that brings more heat into the home. You and your family can once again enjoy the luxury of spending time in front of the fire. You’ll also be promoting a more environmentally friendly practice. Wood-burning fireplaces are usually less energy efficient than a standard heater, but a properly designed wood-burning insert can be essentially carbon neutral.

There are various benefits of a fireplace insert installation.

  • Better heat in the home
  • Greater family enjoyment
  • Money saved on remodeling
  • A more eco-friendly alternative
  • Lower overall maintenance costs

You may have retired your traditional fireplace in favor of your furnace because you wanted less inconvenience and more reliable heat, but a fireplace insert can change that equation. It’s both more pleasant and more efficient. Inserts are ideal for someone who wants to revitalize their living room without taking away the aesthetic appeal of the unique masonry. Having an insert installed might be an excellent option for you and your residence.

Fireplace Insert Installation in Monmouth

Advantages of Fireplace Insert ServicesLoren’s Heating & Air has furnished excellent customer service and outstanding installation of fireplace inserts throughout Monmouth for more than 40 years. We go above and beyond expectations on every assignment, and we’ll provide recommendations to help you maximize your home’s heating efficiency. We’re accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating, and you can count on us for timely assistance whether you live around Western Oregon University or by Madrona Park.

If you’d like to improve your living room with a new, functional fireplace insert, call us today to discuss the prospect with one of our expert technicians.

We also provide fireplace insert services in Dallas, Salem, Silverton, and Woodburn.