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Is It a Good Idea to Save Money by Purchasing a Used Furnace?

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You have probably heard that it is best to buy used and save the difference, but this doesn’t apply to all items. When it comes to your home’s furnace, you want a unit that is safe, reliable, and professionally installed. You won’t get these benefits from a used heating system. Consider the following factors before you purchase a pre-owned furnace.

Warranty Coverage Is Unlikely

When you buy a new furnace, it will be registered after installation. This means that you are fully covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. You won’t find this with a used furnace. Manufacturers often state that the warranty only covers the original owner. We can help you find a new, fully covered furnace for your Salem, Oregon home.

The Furnace Is More Likely to Break Down

You will have more headaches with a used furnace. Most are not designed to be moved. You could easily damage the furnace’s components, leaving you without heat when you need it the most.

Your Homeowner’s Insurance May Not be Happy

Furnaces use flammable gasses which are meant to combust in a controlled setting. A used furnace could be dangerous if any internal damage occurs when moving it. This will put your home at a greater risk for dangerous accidents. Your insurance won’t want to cover these damages.

You Could Be Red-Tagged

If a technician from the gas company needs to inspect your furnace, they will red-tag it if they find it unsafe. This means that your gas is turned off until the unit is replaced.

Loren’s Heating & Air is your furnace installation expert in the Salem area. We can help you find the perfect new furnace for your home’s needs while helping you stay within your budget. Our 45 years of experience have given us the knowledge you need when it comes to furnace replacements, upgrades, and repairs, as well as all of your cooling needs. Contact Loren’s Heating & Air today to learn more.


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